Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Where do you deliver baby gear?

As the leading baby equipment rental company in the Raleigh/Durham area, Triangle Baby Gear serves families in hundreds of cities across North Carolina. We deliver and set up clean, safe and insured baby equipment to private residences, vacation rentals, hotels and even airports.

Once you complete your order we will be in contact to arrange specific delivery details. You can see our deliveries page to learn more!

How much does delivery cost?

Between $25 and $70 usually depending on how far you are from our home office. There may be extra fees for same day delivery, delivery outside of normal business hours or on holidays. Please check with us if you would to get the most accurate delivery costs or visit the deliveries page to learn more!

What is included in the delivery fee?

The delivery fee includes delivery, setup of most items (excluding car seats, safety gates and other baby-proofing items), and pickup at the completion of a reservation.

If we have to return to the property for any reason that is outside of our control, there will be an additional trip fee. Typically that fee is a one way delivery fee to your location.

Our website works on the honor system in that you pick the location that you understand is most appropriate. The delivery fees are determined by the distance and time from our location. We may have to contact you to adjust the delivery rate, if the wrong option is chosen by mistake.

What happens if I damage the baby gear, return it very dirty or lose the baby gear?

You are responsible for the gear once it is delivered to you, and it must be returned in the condition it was received. Please do not allow any food or beverages in any equipment other than high chairs or booster chairs. Please do not allow smoking near any of the equipment as fibers and plastics can absorb the odor. If items are returned to us extra dirty (including vomit or diaper explosions) or smelling of smoke, you will be charged an additional detail cleaning fee of $30 per item. In the event that an item cannot be fully cleaned, or the smell of smoke removed, you will be charged the fair market value to replace the item.

In the unfortunate event that an item is damaged, lost, or stolen you will be charged a reasonable fee to repair the item for fair market value (plus shipping) to replace the item.

Do you offer contactless delivery and pick up?

Yes, contactless delivery is currently available and will continue to be an option even as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. Just leave a note for your provider during checkout (in the ‘additional delivery information’ section) for no-contact delivery. We’ll drop off your gear at your location and text you when it has arrived.

How far ahead should I make my reservation?

The sooner, the better! Our busiest seasons are Spring, Summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the week of New Years and any other local special event days.

It’s not uncommon for us to run out of cribs and other popular gear items during these times. We recommend booking as early as possible to be sure you are able to secure the baby equipment you need to make your travel experience as stress-free as possible.

What’s included when I rent a full-size baby crib?

The full-size crib is a standard full-size crib. It’s modern, sleek, and made of real hardwood. The sides do not drop down. It comes with a quality, firm mattress that is suitable for infants to large toddlers, and standard linens that include a mattress cover and single fitted sheet.

What do I do if I don’t know how to operate or use a piece of gear?

Call us! You can also visit the product manufacturer’s website for additional information and/or check YouTube for a video from the manufacturer. Car seats will always be delivered with a manual, or you will be provided a link with installation instructions.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most all major credit cards securely online via Stripe. We can also easily send you a quote, invoice and payment link for an order to your phone via SMS or email. Just drop us a note via our Contact Us form if that’d be preferred.

How do you calculate the number of days in a rental?

We count each day that you have the gear as one day. We do not double book days because we need time to inspect and clean the items to our very high standards.

For example, if you are planning to use the equipment starting early evening on Monday and keep it until the following Monday morning, we would count that as 8 days.

Do you install car seats?

We are not allowed to install a safety seat for a customer due to insurance and liability reasons.

Basic instructions are also typically printed on the car seat itself as a reminder/guide. Please always refer to the user manual to make sure the car seat you are renting is properly secured and appropriately installed. You can find a certified technician at NHTSA should you choose to have someone double check your installation.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel all or any portion of your reservation up to seven days before the delivery date and receive a 100% refund.

If you cancel all or any portion of your reservation between three and 6 days before the delivery date, you will receive a refund of 50% refund.

If you cancel all or any portion of your reservation within two days of the delivery, you will be charged in full.

If we need to cancel or remove a portion of your reservation for any reason, 100% of the associated charges or fee will be returned to you.

How can I cancel my order or adjust it if needed?

Usually no big deal! Especially as of late, if you wind up with a sick kiddo changing travel plans you can just ping us and we will adapt your order as needed.

Just reach out to us via email, text or call and we can help adjust, adapt or cancel an order as needed!

Are items clean and sanitized?

Yes! Babies’ immune systems are still developing and we understand that you as parents or grandparents rightfully expect clean, sanitized products. Items are inspected and cleaned after every pickup and then inspected and cleaned again before the next delivery. We use organic and/or non-toxic cleaners. Inquire with us for any specific cleaning products used or questions and concerns!

Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes. As a general rule, we have a 3 day minimum rental period. However,we can decide to offer one day rentals for certain situations, such as party rentals. If you are interested in a 1 or 2 day rental, please reach out to us to see if we can accommodate your request.